Boudoir photography is a tribute to the eternal female, celebrating women's emotions and beauty.

I have taken this shot last week, during our “Boudoir & Emotions” workshop at Athens with Rania Varsama. There was a hammock hanging in the venue, and everybody was photographing Rania in lingerie, in sensual poses.

I took a couple of steps back trying to see the scene in a totally different way, and suddenly an idea stroke my mind. What if I could transform that hammock into a net? Framing it vertically, I would use it to trap Rania's beauty. So, I did it. And it worked!

Now, looking at the image, I reckon that beauty can't be trapped, because it is a quality emerging from the depths of our being. Beauty can trap though, and sometimes people become trapped in their own emotions. Today, we all live prisoned inside traps of our making. Prisoners of our needs, our wants. Trapped in lives defined by the inessential.

But nets can be broken, and so do traps.

Nets can be mended, and so do lives.

Thank you Rania for this truly inspiring look in your eyes!